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Russia-1 Live Stream

Many people are now used to watching fancy TV channels, but have completely forgotten about those that were, so to speak, guides to the world of television. They were watched on old black-and-white TV sets and enjoyed even this small number of Russian channels. There was little or no choice, so any program was a joy. Such an "old-timer" can be called Russia 1 TV channel, which you can watch live today on our website.

Channel Russia 1 to watch online for free in good quality

TV channel Russia 1 is a famous Russian TV channel, which was founded in 1996 on the basis of the second program. TV channel Russia 1 you can watch for free online with the discussion of hot topics, broadcasts of sports competitions, here you will see new movies, multiseries comedies and dramas of its own production, as well as news programs. The channel also broadcasts some regional blocks from local branches of VGTRK.

Live streaming of Russia 1 TV channel online without registration

In the morning hours before work, viewers can watch the program "Morning Russia", cheer up with the presenters and do exercises, as well as learn something new from the life of the stars, learn interesting facts useful for life. Next, users of our site will find a box of fresh news in the "Vesti" program. After work, viewers can relax to a live broadcast with the bright and emotional Andrei Malakhov, who together with viewers will conduct a journalistic investigation of a particular story and find out who is right and who is wrong. For Andrei Malakhov, there are no questions that can not be answered. Fans of drama will certainly enjoy the emotional multi-part drama "Sklifosovsky," which is also on weekday evenings.

Russia-1 Watch Live Streaming now online

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