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Watch Hubernia Khabarovsk TV channel live and watch TV online. Get up-to-date news, entertainment programs and interesting shows right on your screen."
Gubernia Media Holding is one of the leading independent media outlets in the Far East. It is also a major regional producer and content broadcaster. Currently, the holding team employs more than 200 people, which testifies to its importance and influence in the region's media sphere.

One of the most important components of the holding is its own TV channel Gubernia, which is available for viewing throughout the Khabarovsk region. Thanks to the use of satellite broadcasting, the channel is also available for viewing outside the region. This allows to maximize audience coverage and provide the opportunity to watch television online.

However, the Gubernia TV channel is not the only asset of the media holding. It also includes two radio stations: MIX FM and Radio Dacha. This allows to provide listeners with a variety of music genres and programs, as well as to keep abreast of the latest news and events in the region.

One of the main achievements of Gubernia Media Holding is the receipt of more than 20 prestigious television awards. Of particular note are the eight TEFI awards, which are among the most prestigious in the media industry. This testifies to the high quality of the programs and professionalism of the holding team.

Gubernia TV channel is known for its diverse programs including news, entertainment shows, documentaries and more. Thanks to live broadcasting and online availability, viewers have the opportunity to keep up with the latest events and watch interesting programs at their convenience.

In addition, Gubernia Media Holding has its own Guberniya website, which is an additional source of information for viewers and listeners. On the website one can find news, programs of the TV channel, as well as interesting articles and materials about the region.

In general, Gubernia Media Holding is one of the key players in the media sphere of the Far East. With its own TV channel, radio stations and website, the holding provides a wide audience with the opportunity to keep up to date with the latest news, watch TV online and enjoy a variety of programs. Winning numerous awards confirms the high quality of content and professionalism of the holding's team.

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