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Nach Großrazzia gegen Reichsbürger: Wie gefährlich sind sie? | DW Nachrichten
Wie schwerwiegend ist die Überlastung der Kinderkliniken? | DW Nachrichten
Russland gegen die Ukraine: Wer ist besser gerüstet für den Winterkrieg? | Auf den Punkt
An der ukrainischen Frontlinie in Bachmut | DW News

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Deutsche Welle offers a direct line to Germany and Europe with 24 hours of programming in German: magazines and reports on art and culture, politics and business, research and science.
On DW Deutsch, we provide the background to the big issues of the day, put them in context and analyze them in exclusive reports and exciting conversations. Our worldwide network of correspondents is our direct line to independent information on the most important global issues of our time: Freedom and human rights, democracy and the rule of law, global trade and social justice, health education and environmental protection, culture and life, technology and innovation.
As an independent, international media company from Germany, we inform people worldwide so that they can make free decisions. DW - Free Information for Free Decisions.

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