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Watch Noroc TV live and enjoy the live TV programmes of this exciting channel. Catch up on the latest news, entertainment shows and special events, straight from your screen. Discover the diversity of programmes offered by Noroc TV and enjoy an exciting experience in front of your TV.
Noroc TV is more than just an entertainment channel. It's a dedicated team, full of respect and devotion, who share a love for the traditions and customs of our nation. Our main goal is to promote the local music scene, bringing to the fore popular music (folk and ethno-folk) and pop music (pop, rock, jazz, blues, dance, folk, etc.), while giving space to Romanian popular production and pop music.

During our broadcasts, viewers can watch live concerts, performances and special musical events. We are proud to provide a platform for local artists to showcase their talent and passion to a wide audience. In addition, through Noroc TV, audiences have the unique opportunity to enjoy authentic music and discover promising new talent.

One of our strengths is the live broadcast of important music events. Whether it's a concert by a popular artist or a traditional music festival, Noroc TV gives viewers the opportunity to be part of these special moments from the comfort of their own home. Through modern technology, watching live TV events becomes an interactive and exciting experience.

As well as promoting local music, Noroc TV also has a mission to introduce viewers to Romanian pop music. Although Romania is a diverse country in terms of musical traditions and preferences, there is a common feeling of appreciating and loving quality music. Noroc TV aims to offer a wide range of musical genres to satisfy the tastes of all viewers. Whether you prefer pop, rock, jazz, blues, dance or folk, you're sure to find something to your liking on our channel.

The Noroc TV team is made up of passionate professionals who devote their time and effort to bringing unforgettable musical experiences to the audience. We are proud to be able to contribute to the promotion of local artists and the preservation of our nation's musical traditions. It is the trust that our viewers place in us that motivates us to keep moving forward and bring more quality music to our audiences.

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