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Wyberhaagge Kilian von Weissenfluh
Wyberhaagge Kilian von Weissenfluh
Wyberhaagge Severin Schwander
Wyberhaagge Severin Schwander
Wyberhaagge Curdin Orlik
Wyberhaagge Curdin Orlik
Wyberhaagge Matthias Aeschbacher
Wyberhaagge Matthias Aeschbacher
Wyberhaagge  Remo Käser
Wyberhaagge Remo Käser

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TeleBärn Live Stream

Don't miss any more regional news! Watch TeleBärn live in the stream and experience a diverse program from the canton of Bern. Get the latest news, entertainment and more directly online. TeleBärn - your regional television on the Internet!

TeleBärn is a Swiss local television station based in Wabern in the canton of Bern. The station first went on the air on March 1, 1995 and is owned by the Espace Media Group, which includes the Berner Zeitung, Der Bund and Radio Canal 3 in Biel.

TeleBärn aims to provide people in the Bern region with comprehensive information on current events and topics. The station offers a wide range of program formats, including news programs, entertainment programs, cultural events and sports broadcasts.

What particularly distinguishes TeleBärn is the use of Bernese dialect in all its broadcasts. Through this choice of language, the station creates an authentic and familiar atmosphere for its viewers, who can identify with the regional identity.

As part of the Espace Media Group, TeleBärn is able to access a broad network of journalistic resources and expertise to deliver high-quality reporting and content. The close connection with other media platforms enables TeleBärn to offer comprehensive coverage from different perspectives.

TeleBärn's studios are located in Wabern, which allows the station to have a strong focus on reporting from the canton of Bern. TeleBärn's regional focus ensures that people in the region are well informed and receive relevant information about their local environment.

With a diverse range of programming that covers viewers' interests, TeleBärn has become an important source of information and entertainment for people in the Bern region. The combination of professional reporting, regional focus and use of the Bernese dialect makes TeleBärn a unique and popular station for people in the region.

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