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Enjoy an unlimited television viewing experience with Moji, a preferred TV channel that offers live TV streaming and online TV viewing. Watch your favorite shows anytime and anywhere with unparalleled viewing quality. Discover a variety of interesting content and never miss an exciting moment with Moji, a TV channel that is ready to fulfill your entertainment needs.
MOJI, a television channel under EMTEK Group, officially went on air on Sunday, August 21, 2022. The channel has a clear focus on the youth segment and offers programs that entertain and inspire.

The name MOJI itself is taken from the word emoji, which consists of two Japanese words, namely "picture" and "moji" which means "character". In this case, MOJI wants to convey the message that they are present as a television channel that brings a new face with new excitement and inspiration through quality programs and world-class sports matches.

One of the advantages offered by MOJI is the ability to live stream TV. With this feature, viewers can enjoy live streaming over the internet, allowing them to watch their favorite programs anytime and anywhere. This is certainly very suitable for the fast-paced and digital lifestyle of young people.

Not only that, MOJI also provides online TV viewing services. With this feature, viewers can access MOJI's programs through an online platform, so they can watch their favorite programs through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. This gives viewers the flexibility to enjoy entertainment wherever they are.

Through its programs, MOJI strives to be a loyal friend to young viewers. They offer various types of entertaining programs, such as dramas, comedies, reality, and music shows. In addition, MOJI also airs world-class sporting events, which are sure to appeal to sports lovers.

In carrying out its mission, MOJI also pays attention to the quality of the programs they present. They work with the best producers and content creators to deliver engaging and quality programs. In doing so, MOJI aims to provide a satisfying viewing experience for their viewers.

Hopefully, MOJI's presence as a television channel that prioritizes youth segmentation and offers entertaining programs can meet their entertainment needs. With the live streaming TV feature and online TV viewing service, MOJI provides easy access to viewers to enjoy their favorite programs. Hopefully MOJI can become a loyal friend and source of inspiration for young viewers.

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