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El Arna
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Жігіттік өнер(Джигитовка) «Ұлттық спорт»
Жігіттік өнер(Джигитовка) «Ұлттық спорт»
NFT мүмкіншіліктері қандай?  «LIFESTYLE»
NFT мүмкіншіліктері қандай? «LIFESTYLE»
Біле жүріңіз, жас ана! «Жаңа қадам»
Біле жүріңіз, жас ана! «Жаңа қадам»
Меңлік Төребай - Жылайды журек
Меңлік Төребай - Жылайды журек

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El Arna Live Stream

Yel Arna is a live TV channel that allows you to watch TV online. Enjoy your favorite programs and shows anytime and anywhere!
Yel Arna" TV channel is one of the leading entertainment TV channels in Kazakhstan. It was founded in 1995 on the basis of the information service of Kazakh Television and was originally called National Television Information Agency (NTAA).

The main audience of the channel is about 13 million people, mostly speaking Kazakh and Russian languages. "Yel Arna" offers a variety of programs and shows that are designed to entertain and inform viewers.

At the beginning of its activity, the company focused on news, and priority was given to the promptness, completeness and objectivity of the information provided. Every day, 24 hours a day, the channel broadcasts news, updating viewers on the events taking place in the country and the world.

However, over time "El Arna" began to offer a wider range of entertainment programs. Today on the channel you can find various TV shows, serials, movies, music videos, as well as programs about health, culture, fashion and other topics. Thanks to this, "El Arna" has become popular among different age and social groups.

The channel also actively uses modern technologies, providing the opportunity to watch TV online through its official website or mobile application. This allows viewers to watch their favorite programs at a convenient time and place.

The Yel Arna team consists of more than 600 employees who work to create and broadcast quality content. They strive to satisfy the tastes and preferences of their audience by constantly updating and diversifying the program schedule.

In general, "El Arna" TV channel plays an important role in the media landscape of Kazakhstan, providing viewers with diverse and interesting content. Thanks to its promptness, completeness and objectivity in providing information, as well as a wide range of entertainment programs, it has deservedly won the trust and popularity of millions of Kazakhstanis.

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