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Country:  United Kingdom
Category: News
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نافرمانی مدنی یا مقاومت مسلحانه در افغانستان، پرگار
یافته‌های بی‌بی‌سی از شدت فقر در افغانستان،‌ اعتراضات ایرانیان در واشنگتن و کنسرت در لندن -خبرنگاران
اخبار ساعت هشت شب- پنج‌شنبه سوم آذر
رها بحرینی و رویا برومند از روند کار کمیته حقیقت یاب سازمان ملل می‌گویند

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Latest news and current affairs videos, documentry and music.
BBC Persian is the Persian language broadcast station and subsidiary of BBC World Service which conveys the latest political, social, economical and sport news relevant to Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan, and the world. Its headquarters are in London, United Kingdom.
The channel broadcasts live from studio 54D in the Peel Wing of BBC Broadcasting House, London, for just over seven hours every day.
Programmes cover a variety of genres including current affairs, documentaries, light entertainment, culture, science, business and the arts. Entertainment programmes such as BBC Sound, Sherlock, Glastonbury Festival and Top Gear are broadcast with Persian dubbing.

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