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Watch REGIO8 online and enjoy your favorite television shows with our free live TV stream. Discover the latest news, sports, weather and more on REGIO8!
REGIO8 is a local broadcaster set up specifically for the Dutch municipalities of Montferland, Oude IJsselstreek and Doetinchem. Since its establishment in March 2015, this broadcaster has dedicated itself to informing the inhabitants of the Achterhoek and the Liemers through various media channels, including radio, television and online platforms.

One of the main ways REGIO8 reaches its target audience is through television. Seven days a week it is broadcast via REGIO8's television channel on Optimaal FM. This enables locals to keep up to date with the latest news and events happening in their region.

REGIO8's television channel offers a continuous carousel of the news program REGIO8 Actueel, presenting the latest items. This ensures that viewers are always informed about current events in the Achterhoek and the Liemers. In addition to the broadcasts of REGIO8 Actueel, pages of text TV are also shown so that viewers can quickly and easily find important information.

Another important aspect of REGIO8 is the ability to watch television online. Through various online channels, viewers can watch live TV streams of REGIO8. This means that residents of the Achterhoek and the Liemers have access to local news anytime and anywhere, whether they are at home, on the road or at work.

The fact that REGIO8 offers free live TV streams makes it even more accessible to locals. At a time when more and more people are relying on digital media, REGIO8 is responding to the needs of the public by giving them the opportunity to follow the news in the way that suits them best.

REGIO8 has positioned itself as a reliable source of information for the inhabitants of the Achterhoek and the Liemers. Through their television channel, radio station Optimaal FM and various online channels, they know how to reach the local population and keep them informed of the latest news and developments in the region. Whether through traditional television or online streaming, REGIO8 offers the opportunity to stay connected to the news and events in the Achterhoek and Liemers region anytime and anywhere.

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