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Alghad TV
Country:  Egypt
Category: News
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رئيس هيئة الانتخابات التونسية يعلن النسب الأولية للإقبال في جولة الإعادة بالانتخابات التشريعية
بريطانيا | بعد التهرب الضريبي.. سوناك يقيل رئيس حزب المحافظين ناظم الزهاوي من منصبه
إيهاب عباس عن التصريحات الأمريكية بشأن هجوم أصفهان: قد تعكر صفو العلاقات بين نتنياهو وبايدن
إيران | مسؤولون أمريكيون يتهمون إسرائيل بتنفيذ هجوم أصفهان

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“Al-Ghad” is the first Arabic news channel to be broadcasted from Cairo. It provides the viewer and browser with a news service based on accuracy and objectivity.
Al-Ghad, with its Arab identity, presented by a professional professional team from different Arab countries, seeks to adopt an enlightening vision that is drawn and formulated in a free space based on openness and adopting responsible freedom.
Al-Ghad also provides an important space for dialogue, exchange of views, and presenting them in a media product that connects the Arab citizen with his issues and sheds light on his various interests.
Al-Ghad is not only the first news channel to be launched from Cairo, but it is also distinguished by its relentless pursuit to provide professional, impartial and objective news content that respects the awareness of the Arab viewer.
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