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I-Vysočina TV
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Kultura na národní úrovni je v Polné
Kultura na národní úrovni je v Polné
Modernizace sociálních služeb v Jemnici
Modernizace sociálních služeb v Jemnici
Jemnice otevře dveře skrytých pokladů
Jemnice otevře dveře skrytých pokladů
Investice do budoucnosti v Polné
Investice do budoucnosti v Polné
Třebíčská zeleň prochází revitalizací
Třebíčská zeleň prochází revitalizací

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I-Vysočina TV Live Stream

I-Vysočina TV is a TV channel that offers live broadcasts, thanks to which you can keep up to date with current events in the Highlands.

Thanks to "I-Vysočina TV" you can watch TV online for free, which means you don't have to pay any subscription or fees to access our programs.

Our channel brings you a wide range of programs that include news, sports, entertainment, documentaries and more.

Our live coverage allows you to keep up to date with all the events and news straight from the Highlands, whether it's politics, culture, sport or other topics.

Watching "I-Highlands TV" online for free is easy and convenient. Just have access to the Internet and you can enjoy our TV anytime and anywhere.

Thanks to our programs we bring you not only information, but also entertainment and inspiration.

Join us and watch "I-Vysočina TV" online for free to stay in the loop and not miss anything important in the Highlands." "i-Vysočina cz is a TV channel that focuses on regional news and information about Vysočina. It is the only TV station in Vysočina that broadcasts programmes about the region 24 hours a day, both through the classic terrestrial DVB-T broadcast and via the Internet.

This channel is broadcast by the transmitter of Regional Network 11, located in Hosov near Jihlava. Thanks to this transmitter, it is possible to watch i-Vysočina cz in high quality and without any problems with signal reception.

The main aim of the i-Vysočina cz channel is to provide the inhabitants of Vysočina with up-to-date news and information about the events in their region. On the channel you can find news covering the most important events, political and social activities, sporting events and other interesting news from Vysočina.

In addition to news, the i-Vysočina cz channel also offers an information TV portal that contains practical information for the inhabitants of Vysočina. Here you can find information about transport, culture, tourism, business and other areas that are important for the region.

The channel's programming also includes various entertainment programmes that aim to refresh and entertain viewers. You can look forward to talk shows, competitions, documentaries about Vysočina, cultural events, festivals and much more.

The i-Vysočina cz channel is also a place of free advertising, where residents of the region can advertise their services, job offers, sale or rent of real estate and more. In this way, the television becomes a mediator between people looking for and offering various services.

I-Vysočina TV Watch Live Streaming now online

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