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Solidaria TV
Country:  Argentina
Category: Religious
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Las estrategias de Satanás - ¿Qué está pasando? // Daniel del Vecchio
Mujeres Peligrosas en la Biblia // Palabras Proféticas
Nunca mas serás engañado por la APOSTASÍA // Charlas Bíblicas
Pasos Hacia Armagedón // Libro Daniel del Vecchio

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Solidaria TV Live Stream

Solidaria TV is a clean and different television channel.
Our programming is varied and has 70% of its own programming. We have children's programs, musicals, live programs, sports, teachings, sermons and much more.
We have been broadcasting in Argentina 24 hours a day since 2007, offering our programming to the community.
Our foundations are Christian and we believe that our progress and ability to help others is entirely possible because of God's grace.
In Argentina we are currently broadcasting in 12 cities and 1 cable channel in Uruguay.
Solidaria TV started in Spain in the 90's and we are currently broadcasting in Spain, Bolivia, Uruguay and Argentina.
It makes us very happy to be part of the solution and not the problem; in addition to being able to sow with what God puts in our hands.

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