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Watch 12 TV Parma live and enjoy watching television online for free. Stay up-to-date on all the news, events and programs in your city on 12 TV Parma.
12 TV Parma is a regional television station in Emilia-Romagna that offers generalist programming aimed primarily at the province of Parma. This channel is part of the media network of "Radio TV Parma S.r.l.", a company with its registered office in Parma, Via Mantova, 68, and a branch office in Viale Fratti, 20/D.

The story of 12 TV Parma began in the studios of Vicolo Guasti in Santa Cecilia, when, in the summer of that year, with the help of a single-tube camera and a white wall as a backdrop, the first live broadcast was transmitted. This marked the beginning of an adventure that would lead the station to become a reference point for Parma viewers.

12 TV Parma's programming is varied and includes local news, sports events, entertainment programs, and much more. Thanks to its online presence, it is possible to watch television free of charge and conveniently from any internet-connected device. This option allows viewers to stay up-to-date with the main events in the province wherever they are.

The quality of 12 TV Parma's broadcasts is guaranteed by a team of professionals in the field, who are dedicated to making interesting and engaging programs. Thanks to the use of modern technologies and the experience accumulated over the years, the station is able to offer clear and sharp viewing, both live and delayed.

In addition to television programming, 12 TV Parma is also active on social media, with official profiles on various platforms. This allows viewers to interact with the station, commenting on programs, sending suggestions and actively participating in the life of the community.

12 TV Parma's commitment to providing quality programming and attention to audience needs is also evident in the choice of content broadcast. The station is committed to giving space to local issues, promoting the culture, sports and economy of the province of Parma.

In conclusion, 12 TV Parma represents an important reference point for Parma viewers, offering a wide range of quality programs and broadcasts. Thanks to the ability to watch television online for free, the station is accessible to everyone, wherever they are. Whether you are interested in staying up-to-date on local news, following sporting events, or simply enjoying entertainment programs, 12 TV Parma is definitely the channel for you.

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