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First city (Kaliningrad)

First city (Kaliningrad) Live Stream

Watch live TV online on the First City Channel (Kaliningrad). Stay up to date with the latest events and news of the city without leaving home.
First City Channel in Kaliningrad is one of the leading city television channels, part of the interregional media holding company "RNTI Media Group". This channel offers its viewers unique programming that is focused on the residents of Kaliningrad.

One of the main advantages of the First City Channel is the possibility to watch live broadcasts, which allow viewers to keep abreast of all the most relevant events taking place in the city. Thanks to this feature, viewers can watch events in real time, whether they are sporting events, cultural events or political debates.

In addition to live broadcasts, First City Channel also offers the ability to watch television online. This means that viewers can enjoy their favorite programs and shows anytime and anywhere with only an internet connection. This flexibility appeals to many viewers, especially those who lead active lifestyles and cannot always keep up with television airing during the usual hours.

One of the features of First City Channel is its programming, which is entirely created and produced in-house. All information and entertainment projects are developed and carried out by local residents who are well acquainted with the preferences and interests of their fellow citizens. This allows for the creation of content that is most relevant and interesting to viewers, and strengthens the bond between the channel and the audience.

The owners of RNTI Media Group media holding company are Maxim Solodyankin and Vladimir Suvorov, who hold 34% and 33% of shares respectively. This shows that First City Channel has strong and experienced executives who are ready to invest in the development and improvement of the quality of programs.

First City Channel in Kaliningrad is an important source of information and entertainment for local residents. Thanks to live broadcasts and the possibility to watch TV online, viewers can always keep abreast of the most relevant events and enjoy their favorite programs at their convenience. The channel, created and developed by local residents, helps to strengthen communication and rapprochement between Kaliningraders, making it an indispensable source of information and entertainment in the life of the city.

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