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Already "Kanal 35" television and "Voice of Nakhchivan" radio have been actively engaging in educational broadcasting, catering to the educational needs of the autonomous republic. These channels have been successful in preparing and airing educational programs, as well as establishing connections with educational institutions in the region.

"Kanal 35" television was established in 2004, marking the 35th anniversary of the leadership of Heydar Aliyev in Azerbaijan. Initially, the channel aired for 15 days a month, with a duration of 5 hours per day. However, due to the growing interest and demand from the audience, the channel expanded its broadcasting hours.

One of the notable features of "Kanal 35" is its commitment to providing educational content. The channel focuses on producing and broadcasting programs that are informative, enlightening, and intellectually stimulating. These programs cover a wide range of subjects, including science, history, culture, technology, and more. By offering such diverse educational content, the channel aims to contribute to the intellectual growth and development of its viewers.

In addition to television broadcasting, "Kanal 35" also utilizes modern technology to reach a wider audience. The channel offers a live stream option, allowing viewers to watch television online. This feature enables individuals from all over the world to access the channel's educational programs, regardless of their geographical location. The live stream option has been particularly beneficial for students and researchers who can benefit from the educational content provided by "Kanal 35" from the comfort of their homes or educational institutions.

Similarly, "Voice of Nakhchivan" radio has also been actively involved in educational broadcasting. The radio station collaborates with educational institutions in the autonomous republic to create and air educational programs. These programs aim to supplement the curriculum of schools and universities, providing additional learning opportunities for students.

The collaboration between "Voice of Nakhchivan" radio and educational institutions ensures that the programs are tailored to the needs of students, aligning with the educational objectives and standards set by the institutions. This partnership allows the radio station to address specific topics and subjects that are relevant to the local educational system and the interests of the students.

Both "Kanal 35" television and "Voice of Nakhchivan" radio have played a significant role in the educational landscape of the autonomous republic. By providing high-quality educational content, these channels have contributed to the intellectual growth and development of the local population. Their use of modern technology, such as live streaming and online access, has further enhanced their reach and impact.

In conclusion, "Kanal 35" television and "Voice of Nakhchivan" radio have successfully established themselves as educational broadcasters in the autonomous republic. Their commitment to producing and airing informative programs, as well as their collaboration with educational institutions, has made them valuable resources for students, researchers, and the general public. Through their efforts, these channels continue to promote education and intellectual development in the region.

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