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Watch TV online and broadcast live on TV Relax channel. Your local TV that objectively shows reality, people and places in your city and region. Available around the clock on INEA channel 29.

Relax TV is a local TV station with a long history and viewer trust. Present for 30 years, the station is an integral part of the lives of city and regional residents, who eagerly await the latest news, events and reports from their area.

We broadcast around the clock on INEA channel 29, so you can follow our programs at any time of the day or night, 7 days a week. Our goal is to objectively show reality, people and places - we focus only on our city and region.

Relax TV is the voice of the local community, reflecting what is most important to residents. Our programming includes a variety of content, from news and information, reports, interviews, to cultural and entertainment programs.

Thanks to the experience and dedication of our team of journalists, cameramen and editors, we provide first-hand news based on solid reporting and integrity. Our mission is to show a true picture of our city and region, showcasing the diversity, passions and challenges faced by the local community.

Relax TV is constantly evolving, adapting its offerings to the needs and expectations of viewers. We are proud to have been a part of the lives of our city's residents for three decades, sharing joys and sorrows with them, celebrating successes and overcoming challenges.

Modern television requires flexibility and accessibility in various forms of media. That's why, in addition to traditional broadcasting, Relax TV also offers online viewing, so you can enjoy our programs wherever and whenever you are.

Relax TV is not only a television station, but also an important part of local identity. We are grateful for the trust of our viewers and promise to continue providing quality and interesting programs while still being close to the community we represent.

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