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TELESIRIO - a success story in the Italian television landscape.

The private radio and television station TELESIRIO was born back in 1979 thanks to the happy intuition of a group of entrepreneurs from Avezzano and the Marsica region led by Ottaviano Gentile. This group, composed of Filippo Fabrizi, Gustavo Cambise, Evaristo Gentile, Valeria Di Renzo and Antonio Di Palma, had the vision of bringing information and entertainment directly into the homes of the citizens of Marsica and the Roveto Valley.

TELESIRIO's broadcasts initially reached the entire Marsica territory as far as Valle Roveto and the Carsoli area, thus covering a large portion of the Abruzzo territory. This result was achieved thanks to the commitment and passion of the entire team who worked tirelessly to create a quality television channel.

What made TELESIRIO a unique television channel was its ability to offer a new form of information. The programs broadcast were characterized by always being current, timely and objective, providing viewers with a comprehensive overview of local, national and international events.

Another aspect that contributed to TELESIRIO's success was its willingness to adapt to technological changes. From its earliest years, the channel embraced the new possibilities offered by digital, allowing viewers to watch live broadcasts. This choice has enabled TELESIRIO to stay abreast of the times and offer a state-of-the-art service to its viewers.

In recent years, TELESIRIO has also developed a free online platform that allows viewers to watch streaming television. This option has further expanded the station's reach, allowing anyone, anywhere to access TELESIRIO's programs.

TELESIRIO has become a focal point for the local community, offering a wide range of programs from news to entertainment.

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