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TV 2/Bornholm

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Follow TV 2/Bornholm's exciting programs live or watch TV online on the channel's website. Get an insight into the island's unique culture and news at your convenience.
TV 2/Bornholm is an important regional TV channel that delivers news, programs and events to Bornholm. As part of the TV 2 network, the channel is an independent company financed through license fees. With its base in Aakirkeby and around 75 employees, TV 2/Bornholm plays a crucial role in covering the island's local news and current affairs.

TV 2/Bornholm was founded in September 1990 and has since then been a trusted source of information and entertainment for the people of Bornholm. With its long history in the region, the channel has managed to establish itself as a credible and reliable news source.

One of the key figures behind TV 2/Bornholm is CEO Jan Jørgensen, who has been at the helm of the station since 1996. His leadership and commitment have contributed to the channel's success and continuous development. Under his leadership, TV 2/Bornholm has managed to deliver quality content to the people of Bornholm and remain relevant in an ever-changing media world.

TV 2/Bornholm is known for its local news and current affairs programs that allow the people of Bornholm to stay updated on what is happening on the island. The channel covers a wide range of topics, including politics, culture, sports and business. In addition, TV 2/Bornholm also features documentaries, entertainment and other programs that appeal to the interests and needs of the people of Bornholm.

An important milestone for TV 2/Bornholm was the launch of their own 24-hour channel on January 11, 2012. This channel, named TV 2/Bornholm, has strengthened the channel's presence on the island and the ability to deliver continuous content to viewers. With this expansion, TV 2/Bornholm is able to cover current events and breaking news around the clock, which is crucial for the information needs of the people of Bornholm.

As a regional public service broadcaster, TV 2/Bornholm plays an important role in Bornholm's society. The channel is dedicated to providing objective and credible information to viewers and contributes to strengthening local identity and cohesion. Through its extensive news coverage and diverse programming, TV 2/Bornholm is an invaluable source of knowledge and entertainment for the people of Bornholm.

With its long history, dedicated staff and commitment to serving the island's population, TV 2/Bornholm is a vital part of Bornholm's media landscape. The channel is a reliable source of news, programs and events tailored to the needs and interests of the people of Bornholm. TV 2/Bornholm continues to be an important voice for the island and plays a crucial role in informing, entertaining and engaging viewers.

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