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Iraq 24 TV HD
Country:  Iraq
Category: News
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عباس: اجور موظفي العقود بشركة ادوية سامراء لا تتعدى 150 الف دينار كل 3 اشهر!
هل سيقدم العراق ضمانات إلى امريكا بعدم وصول الدولار إلى "سوريا وايران"
مستشار رئيس الوزراء يكشف سبب عدم ترؤس السوداني للوفد العراقي المتوجه إلى واشنطن
الهيتي: العراق متأخر "ربع قرن" عن المنتج العالمي للدواء!!

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Iraq TV 24 HD - A TV that broadcasts with high-quality broadcast technology, unique in business sectors, exhibitions and commercial markets. It focuses its interests on “DATA”, numbers and statistics, with unique content that carries a really high-quality identity and specifications. It opens the door for investors or their companies to invest in The media and the content industry express their views and enable their commercial, legal or media representatives or product makers, ideas and businesses in their institutions to obtain the necessary time or interaction required to control the markets, rather imposing their economic and legal size in the media

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