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Experience faith-based programming and family-friendly content on WRXY-TV. Watch television online with live streaming of religious broadcasts and captivating shows from this religious television station in Tyce, Florida.

WRXY-TV: Spreading Faith and Family-Friendly Entertainment in Southwest Florida.

In the serene town of Tyce, Florida, a religious television station with a mission to spread faith-based programming and family-friendly content was born. Meet WRXY-TV, a local UHF 33 digital channel serving as an affiliate of the Christian Television Network (CTN).

CTN Southwest Florida, also known as WRXY-TV, embarked on its broadcasting journey on January 29, 1995. Since then, it has been dedicated to delivering faith-centric content to the residents of Southwest Florida, becoming the go-to source for religious and family-friendly television in the region.

As an affiliate of CTN, WRXY-TV has embraced its role in promoting positive values, spiritual enlightenment, and wholesome entertainment. With a potential reach of nearly two million people across Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Desoto, Hendry, and Glades counties in the Fort Myers/Naples designated market area, the station serves a diverse and vast audience.

At WRXY-TV, viewers can experience a variety of faith-based programs, including sermons, inspirational messages, biblical teachings, and discussions that aim to enrich their spiritual journey. The channel's content selection caters to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, fostering a sense of community and togetherness through shared beliefs.

One of the defining features of WRXY-TV is its commitment to family-friendly entertainment. Recognizing the importance of providing content suitable for viewers of all ages, the station carefully curates shows and broadcasts that uphold moral values and promote a positive atmosphere for families to enjoy together.

Whether it's heartwarming stories, educational programs, or entertaining content, WRXY-TV ensures that families can gather around their television sets and enjoy moments of joy and inspiration without any concerns about inappropriate or objectionable material.

As technology and media consumption patterns evolve, WRXY-TV has embraced the digital age, offering live streaming options to its viewers. This advancement allows audiences to watch television online, granting them greater flexibility and convenience in accessing the station's uplifting content anytime and anywhere.

With its roots firmly planted in Tyce, Florida, WRXY-TV has become an integral part of the local community and an essential source of spiritual nourishment and family-oriented entertainment. Its dedication to spreading faith-based programming and providing a safe haven for family viewing has garnered the station a loyal and devoted following.

WRXY-TV, the religious television station in Tyce, Florida, stands as a beacon of light, enriching the lives of its viewers with faith-based content and family-friendly entertainment. By offering a platform for spiritual growth and promoting positive values, WRXY-TV has made a significant impact in Southwest Florida, resonating with viewers from diverse backgrounds and beliefs. As technology continues to advance, the station's commitment to live streaming ensures that its messages of hope and inspiration reach an even broader audience, touching hearts and inspiring lives.

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