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Stay informed about Washington state politics and public affairs with "TVW" through their live stream, providing the convenience to watch television online. Modeled after C-SPAN, TVW consistently broadcasts the state Legislature and independently produced shows like Inside Olympia, The Impact, and Legislative Review, offering unedited coverage of Washington state government and public policy.

TVW - Your Window to Washington State Public Affairs.

In the ever-changing landscape of politics and public policy, "TVW" stands as Washington state's dedicated public affairs network, providing an unfiltered view of the state's government proceedings and policy discussions. Modeled after the renowned C-SPAN, TVW consistently broadcasts the state Legislature and a lineup of independently produced shows, serving as a valuable resource for staying informed about the state's political landscape.

TVW was founded in 1993 with a vision to offer unedited and comprehensive coverage of Washington state government, politics, and public policy. In 1995, the channel became a reality, becoming a crucial platform for citizens, policymakers, and stakeholders to engage with the political process and be part of the decision-making discussions.

One of the core features of TVW's programming is its consistent coverage of the state Legislature. By broadcasting legislative sessions, hearings, and debates, TVW brings transparency and accessibility to the legislative process, enabling citizens to witness firsthand how laws and policies are formed and how elected officials represent their interests.

Apart from legislative coverage, TVW features independently produced shows that delve into various aspects of Washington state public affairs. Shows like Inside Olympia, The Impact, and Legislative Review provide in-depth analysis, interviews, and discussions on key issues impacting the state. These shows serve as essential platforms for understanding the complexities of state governance and policy decisions, offering valuable insights for viewers.

TVW's dedication to offering unedited coverage of government proceedings and discussions is central to its mission of fostering an informed and engaged citizenry. By providing unbiased and unfiltered access to the political process, the channel empowers individuals to make informed decisions and actively participate in shaping their state's future.

As a platform for public affairs, TVW becomes a catalyst for public discourse and understanding, promoting civic engagement and democratic values. It provides a space for open dialogue, where diverse perspectives are heard and debated, fostering an environment of inclusivity and respect.

With its live stream and online accessibility, TVW ensures that viewers can watch television online, providing the convenience to stay informed about Washington state's political developments anytime and anywhere. Whether it's a legislative session, a panel discussion, or an interview with a policymaker, TVW brings the state's public affairs directly to citizens' screens.

TVW has become an indispensable resource in Washington state's political landscape. Modeled after C-SPAN, the channel consistently broadcasts the state Legislature and independently produced shows, offering unedited coverage of government proceedings and public policy discussions. Since its inception in 1993, TVW has been dedicated to providing transparent and comprehensive coverage, making it an invaluable platform for fostering an informed and engaged citizenry in the state of Washington.

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