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TV Midtvest is a regional TV channel that offers live broadcasts and the ability to watch TV online. Follow the latest news and local reports directly from Central Jutland on TV Midtvest.
TV Midtvest is a regional TV station that provides news and current affairs to the population of the old Ringkjøbing and Viborg counties. With a population of 521,000 inhabitants, it is crucial for the region to have a TV channel that can provide local news and information.

TV Midtvest was established on 1 November 1988 and began broadcasting on 1 October 1989. The TV station is headquartered in Holstebro, but covers the entire region. This ensures that residents in the area can access local news and stories relevant to their daily lives.

Initially, TV Midtvest's director, Ivar Brændgaard, had an office at the county farm in Viborg while they investigated where to locate the headquarters. This shows that the broadcaster has had strong roots in the region from the beginning and has had a close connection to the local community.

TV Midtvest is not only a TV channel that broadcasts programmes in the traditional way. They also publish daily news articles and programmes on their website. This allows viewers to follow the news wherever they are and at their own pace. This is an important addition to the broadcaster's service and ensures they can reach a wider audience.

As a regional broadcaster, TV Midtvest has a unique role in the community. They can focus on local stories and events that national TV channels might not give as much attention to. This gives viewers an opportunity to gain insight into what's happening in their neighbourhood and feel a stronger connection to their region.

TV Midtvest is also an important platform for local businesses and organisations. They can promote their products and services through advertising and sponsorships on the station. This helps to strengthen the local business community and create growth in the region.

All in all, TV Midtvest is a valuable resource for the people of the old Ringkjøbing and Viborg counties. They ensure that viewers can keep up with local news and events, and they provide local businesses with a platform to reach their target audience. TV Midtvest's presence helps to strengthen the region and create a sense of community and belonging.

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