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Izvestia TV online live

TV Channel Izvestia can be watched online using the popular service Online Television throughout Russia without registration. This portal rebroadcasts the best Russian TV channels in excellent modern quality 24 hours a day without interruption with a minimum of advertising content.

Izvestia TV - live streaming online

Internet service provides an ideal opportunity to watch the channel Izvestia TV for free today. News from different corners of Russia and the world appear every second. The live broadcast of Izvestia TV around the clock allows you to follow the events, analyze their causes and predict the consequences for the future. This channel is designed for people who can read and listen, so the target audience of the platform is all Russians over 5 years old.
Thanks to the live broadcasting of the Izvestia TV channel online with the help of our resource, the rating of news streaming services in the Russian Federation has changed. According to the results of the study of views of all TV programs in the Russian Federation, this channel became a leader in the information segment in August 2021. Its share was 0.16% in the audience of 18 years and older.

Izvestia tv - online for free

The reasons for this growth are as follows:
- Internet viewing on all available devices (TVs, smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs);
- accompaniment of voice messages with text captions, i.e. content accessibility for all categories of Russian citizens
- Use of QR-codes and volumetric infographics in their work;
- shooting with 360 cameras.

TV online watch free live TV channel Izvestia

Modern technology never ceases to amaze us every day! Register on our site and enjoy life today and now!
TV channel Izvestia TV to watch live online around the clock you can on the service Online Television. This portal offers the best TV content on the Runet on favorable terms. Connecting to the service, the user gets the opportunity to:
- view all programs of Russian and foreign television anywhere in Russia, where there is coverage of wired and mobile Internet;
- Record broadcasts;
- Watch shows and movies on the air for 7 days;
- suspend and resume broadcasting at the request of the user.
Izvestia, IZ.RU is an information TV channel that offers a wide range of news about politics, economics, and culture. It is a new information format that combines the resources of modern television, an Internet portal and a political publication. Izvestia TV channel has an extensive network of correspondents in all regions of the Russian Federation. Every 15 minutes on the air is a new press release. On June 2, 2017, as part of the merger of the news services of two TV companies from the National Media Group (REN TV and Channel 5), Izvestia Multimedia Information Center became the provider and producer of news for them. As a consequence, newscasts on Channel 5 began appearing under the same name, while REN TV got a ticker called IZ.RU.
On June 21, 2017, the TV channel with the name Izvestia appeared in the list of registered media outlets on the Roskomnadzor website.
On July 10, 2017, IZ Izvestia received a universal broadcasting license.

Izvestia "IZ.RU" Watch Live Streaming now online

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