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BNT 4 (BNT 4) is a national television channel of the Bulgarian National Television, which provides programming primarily for Bulgarians living abroad. Established in 1999, this satellite channel began broadcasting under the name "TV Bulgaria". The main objective of BNT 4 is to be the television of the Bulgarians abroad and to carry out their connection with the homeland.

Since 2005, BNT 4 started to produce its own columns, which aim to provide as complete a picture of life in Bulgaria as possible. The channel aims to inform viewers from abroad in the most complete and timely way, offering a variety of programmes and news.

One of the biggest attractions of BNT 4 is the ability to watch television online. This allows Bulgarians abroad to always be in touch with their homeland, no matter where they are. Viewers can watch their favourite programmes, series and live news using the internet.

BNT 4 offers a variety of sections that include news, politics, sports, culture, entertainment and much more. The channel strives to provide up-to-date information about events in Bulgaria, as well as to present Bulgarian culture, history and traditions to viewers abroad.

The main principles of BNT 4's programming are related to the full and timely information of viewers from abroad. The channel strives to provide reliable information and analysis of important events affecting the Bulgarian community abroad. In addition to news, BNT 4 also offers entertainment programmes designed to keep Bulgarians connected to their homeland and to inform them about interesting events and cultural initiatives in Bulgaria.

BNT 4 is an important media source for Bulgarians abroad, allowing them to stay connected to their homeland and informed about everything that is happening in Bulgaria. Watching TV online is a great opportunity for Bulgarians abroad to feel close to home and to keep up to date with news and events in Bulgaria. BNT 4 continues to develop and improve its programming to meet the needs and expectations of Bulgarians abroad and provide them with the best of Bulgaria.

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