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Discover "Jena TV", the regional channel for Jena and East Thuringia. Never miss local news and events again with the live stream that allows you to watch "Jena TV" online. Learn all about current local political, economic, cultural and sports topics from Jena and the surrounding area.

"Jena TV" is the leading regional channel for the city of Jena as well as the surrounding areas in Eastern Thuringia, including the districts of Saale-Holzland, Saale-Orla, Gera, Greiz, Schleiz and Lobenstein. As a private station, "Jena TV" is financed independently and does not receive any fees or other public funding, which allows it to report independently.

With a broad reach available via cable, the Internet, SmartTV and cell phones, "Jena TV" reaches a wide audience in the region. The team of twelve employees ensures that a fresh and completely new information program is broadcast daily, covering the latest developments and events in Jena and the surrounding areas.

The station places a strong focus on local issues and events to provide relevant information to the region's residents. "Jena TV" provides comprehensive coverage of local political affairs, economic developments, cultural events and sporting events. In this way, the station helps enrich the lives of people in Jena and eastern Thuringia and keeps them up to date on what's happening in their neighborhoods.

The diverse programming of "Jena TV" offers viewers a unique opportunity to get to know their local community better and to connect with people and events in the region. From breaking news reports and interesting interviews to features and magazine shows, "Jena TV" ensures that no important events or developments are overlooked.

Through the live stream, viewers have the opportunity to conveniently watch "Jena TV" online and follow the latest news and programs anytime, anywhere. With its comprehensive and focused coverage, "Jena TV" remains an important source of information for people in Jena and eastern Thuringia who are interested in developments in their region.

Overall, "Jena TV" provides a valuable and relevant platform for people in Jena and eastern Thuringia to learn about local events and be part of the community. The station makes a significant contribution to raising awareness of the region and fostering a sense of togetherness.

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