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Watch Etno TV live and enjoy our varied programmes celebrating Romanian culture and traditions. Discover authentic music, folk dances and exciting interviews in real time, only on our live TV channel.
Etno TV is a Romanian TV channel that was launched as the first TV channel dedicated to popular music. It is aimed at an audience between 16 and 70 years old, with medium and high incomes. Etno TV is a source of entertainment and information for lovers of Romanian folk music and traditions.

According to the channel's representatives, about 70% of Etno TV's audience is made up of people with secondary and higher education. Also, more than 46% of viewers come from Bucharest and the country's major cities, according to August 2007 data. These figures demonstrate the popularity and impact that Etno TV has among its audience.

On 14 December 2021, an important change for Etno TV was announced at a meeting of the National Audiovisual Council (CNA). The music channel will become a generalist television channel, thus expanding the range of programmes and content offered. This decision comes as a result of the desire to attract even more viewers and to adapt to viewers' demands and preferences.

In addition to the standard (SD) and high definition (HD) versions, Etno TV will also be broadcast in 4K format, thus offering superior picture and sound quality. This technological development is important to provide an enhanced viewing experience and to keep pace with advances in television.

Etno TV aims to offer its viewers a wide range of programmes covering multiple areas of interest. From entertainment shows and talk shows to news and documentaries, Etno TV will bring a variety of exciting content to Romanians' homes.

An important aspect of this change is that Etno TV will continue to maintain its focus on Romanian folk music and traditions. Thus, viewers will be able to watch live concerts, folklore performances and interviews with established artists in the industry.

In addition, Etno TV will continue to offer the possibility to watch live broadcasts via its online platform. Viewers will thus be able to access their favourite content wherever and whenever they want, without being tied to the channel's broadcast schedule.

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