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Watch live the TV channel "Angelus TV" and enjoy our exciting programmes. Discover a variety of shows and events streamed in real time and your viewing experience will be complete. Come and explore our world through live TV broadcasts.
Angelus TV is the leading Romanian Catholic broadcaster, which aims to bring together the entire Catholic community in Romania and the Diaspora under its national television format. This innovative project is an initiative that addresses people of all denominations, religions and non-religious affiliations, targeting both the Catholic audience of both rites (Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic) as well as the general public interested in cultural, social and topical issues.

With a strong online presence, Angelus TV offers a wide range of programmes, broadcast live, covering various aspects of the life of the Catholic community and beyond. No matter where you are, you can watch live TV and connect with events, masses and activities taking place in various Catholic parishes and churches across the country.

One of the main advantages of the Angelus TV channel is that its programmes are broadcast live, offering an authentic and interactive experience. Thus, you can feel as if you are present at important events in the life of the Catholic community, even if you are in another city or even another country. This modern and innovative approach to Catholic broadcasting aims to create a strong link between the faithful and the religious services held in the Church.

Through the Angelus TV channel, viewers can watch live TV coverage of religious services, including Mass, prayers, sermons and other important events. Special religious ceremonies, such as Christmas, Easter and celebrations of church patron saints, are also broadcast live. This gives the faithful the opportunity to participate virtually in such events and feel closer to their religious community.

In addition to live broadcasts of religious services, Angelus TV also offers informative and educational programmes on various topics of interest to the Catholic community and beyond. These programmes cover topics such as spirituality, family life, religious education, social and cultural issues and current events. In this way, the TV channel succeeds in meeting the diverse needs and interests of its audience.

Angelus TV also promotes inter-religious and intercultural dialogue, providing a platform for debate and understanding of common societal issues. In this way, the TV channel contributes to the creation of a tolerant and open environment where all religious denominations and ethnic groups can express themselves freely and work together for the common good.

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