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WYLN 35 Live Stream

Catch all the local sporting events and entertainment on WYLN 35. Watch television online with the live stream of Hazleton, Pennsylvania's Class A television station, showcasing a variety of programming, including high school and college athletics, and Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs baseball.

WYLN 35 - Your Go-To Source for Local Sports and Entertainment.

WYLN-LP, commonly known as WYLN 35, is a prominent Class A television station based in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. As an affiliate of Youtoo TV on channel 35, WYLN provides a diverse range of programming, with a particular focus on local sporting events and entertainment.

The station has a fascinating history, having first gone off the air in 1989 as W35AT and later changing to its current name, WYLN-LP, in 1996. Since then, WYLN 35 has become a beloved television station in the Hazleton area, captivating audiences with its engaging content and commitment to showcasing local talent and events.

One of the highlights of WYLN 35's programming is its extensive coverage of local sporting events. Sports enthusiasts and community members can tune in to witness exciting high school soccer, basketball, wrestling, swimming, and baseball competitions. WYLN 35 takes pride in supporting and promoting local athletic talent, providing a platform for athletes to shine and communities to come together to celebrate their teams.

In addition to high school sports, WYLN 35 also broadcasts college athletics, further fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among local educational institutions. Sports fans can follow their favorite college teams' journeys and cheer them on during thrilling matchups.

Notably, WYLN 35 even covers Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs baseball, adding a professional sports touch to its lineup. Viewers can enjoy watching games from this beloved minor league baseball team, getting a taste of the excitement and thrill of the sport.

Beyond sports, WYLN 35 offers a diverse selection of entertainment programming, providing a blend of informative and engaging content for its viewers. From local news and updates to unique and captivating shows, WYLN 35 serves as a trusted source of information and entertainment for the Hazleton community.

Whether it's catching the latest high school rivalry match, supporting local college teams, or cheering on the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, WYLN 35 ensures that its viewers are always in the know about the most exciting local sports events and happenings. With its live stream and online access, the station continues to connect with its audience, delivering a delightful viewing experience that captures the essence of Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

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