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TV Ellef: watch television online with our free live TV stream. Enjoy a wide range of programs and stay up to date with the latest news and entertainment. Discover our diverse channel selection now and enjoy ultimate viewing pleasure!
TV Ellef is a popular regional television channel in the beautiful province of Limburg, located in the south of the Netherlands. The channel was launched in 2006 as an innovative Internet site, where viewers could watch TV programs online. Since then, TV Ellef has experienced tremendous growth and has become a full-fledged television channel.

In 2012, TV Ellef got a major breakthrough when the commercial broadcaster was awarded Ziggo's digital TV channel 48. This meant that the channel was made available to viewers in the municipalities of Beesel, Roermond, Roerdalen and part of the municipalities of Echt-Susteren and Venlo. This was an exciting development for TV Ellef, as it got the chance to reach a wider audience and inform and entertain even more people with their programs.

TV Ellef's success story continued in 2016, when the channel was also made available in the municipalities of Weert and Leudal. This meant that even more people in Limburg could enjoy the unique programs that TV Ellef has to offer. The station grew into an important player in the region and managed to attract more and more viewers.

But the highlight came in 2020, when TV Ellef could also be received via Ziggo in South Limburg. This big step meant that the channel was now available to viewers in the entire southern part of the province. This opened new doors for TV Ellef and offered even more people the opportunity to enjoy the varied range of programs.

TV Ellef focuses on several key topics loved by Limburg viewers. With regional news, the channel continues to keep Limburg residents informed of what is going on in their immediate area. Sports fans can enjoy live coverage of local sporting events, while music lovers can enjoy music programs featuring regional artists.

Another highlight of TV Ellef is its coverage of carnival, a very important event in Limburg. The channel offers extensive coverage of carnival parades, parties and the election of princes and princesses. With this, TV Ellef brings the unique atmosphere of carnival to the living rooms of Limburg viewers.

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