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Channel One Eurasia is a television channel based in Kazakhstan. It broadcasts adapted programs from Russia's Channel One, including translations into Kazakh, as well as its own programs. The channel presents information and analytical programs such as "Grani", "Aina", "Main News", "Basty jaalytar", "News", "Zhaalytar", "QosLike", "Kremz", "ayrly Ta, azastan!" and "Good Morning, Kazakhstan! The channel was the first in the country to introduce the format of a live news show, using transformer studios and innovative studio graphics with which live presenters interact. Channel One Eurasia is one of the most popular TV channels in Kazakhstan. It provides its viewers with current news and information about current events in the country and beyond. The channel also broadcasts various entertainment programs, which are very popular with viewers. First Eurasia Channel is one of the most important media sources in Kazakhstan.

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It not only broadcasts popular Russian programs, but also creates its own, which are very popular with viewers. Most of the channel's programs are informational and analytical, which allows viewers to keep abreast of all events both in Kazakhstan and beyond. One of the most popular programs on the channel is "The Edge". This program allows viewers to learn the opinions of experts and specialists on various issues that are important to Kazakhstan and Eurasia as a whole. In the program "Aina" viewers can learn about the life and culture of the Kazakh people, as well as the traditions and customs of other peoples living on the territory of Kazakhstan. Channel One Eurasia also broadcasts various entertainment programs, such as "Kremz" and "Good Morning, Kazakhstan!" These programs allow viewers to distract themselves from their daily routine and enjoy bright and interesting shows. Much attention on the channel is given to sports. In the program "QosLike" viewers can learn about the latest news about sports, as well as about the life and achievements of Kazakh athletes.

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The channel also broadcasts sports events such as the World Football Championship and the Olympic Games. Channel "First Eurasia" not only provides its viewers with a diverse and interesting program, but also actively participates in social projects. One of these projects - "azastan!", which is designed to support and develop the Kazakh culture and history. In general, First Eurasia Channel is an important source of information and entertainment for the people of Kazakhstan. Through its programs and projects, it helps viewers to keep abreast of all events taking place in the country and abroad, as well as to distract from everyday worries and enjoy bright and interesting shows.

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