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Canal 45 brings you the live excitement of your favorite shows, enjoy watching free internet TV with our wide variety of content!

In 1992, Canal 45 TV was born, a general interest television channel broadcasting from Andújar, Jaén, Spain. For almost three decades, this media has been a source of entertainment, information and culture for the inhabitants of the region.

Canal 45 TV has stood out for offering a varied and quality programming, covering a wide range of topics of interest to all audiences. From news and current affairs programs, to entertainment, sports, culture and music, this channel has managed to conquer a loyal audience that seeks to be informed and enjoy diverse programming.

One of the services that Canal 45 TV offers is audiovisual production. With a team of highly trained professionals, this channel has managed to produce high level productions, both in television and live events. From television programs to documentaries, short films and commercials, Canal 45 TV has become a reference in audiovisual production in the region.

In addition, Canal 45 TV has sound and lighting services, which allows it to provide a complete and quality audiovisual experience to its viewers. Whether in live programs or studio recordings, this channel is concerned about providing impeccable sound and lighting, which adequately complement the programming being broadcast.

Throughout its history, Canal 45 TV has managed to consolidate itself as a reference media in the region of Andújar, Jaén. Its commitment to truthful information, quality entertainment and the dissemination of local culture has been recognized by the audience, making it a beloved and respected television channel.

In addition to its regular programming, Canal 45 TV has also been a broadcast medium for cultural, sports and social events and activities in the region. Through live coverage and special programs, this channel has managed to bring viewers closer to the most relevant events in the area, allowing them to be part of them even if they cannot physically attend.

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