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ETB1 is the live TV channel that allows you to watch TV online for free. Discover a wide variety of programs, series and regional news, always available to enjoy from any device. Tune in to ETB1 now and don't miss out on the best live programming and enjoy online TV like never before!
ETB1 is the first television channel of the audiovisual content production and broadcasting company EITB Media S.A.U. This channel, together with the Public Entity Euskal Irrati Telebista-Radio Televisión Vasca, makes up the Basque public communication group, which is legislatively dependent on the Basque Parliament and the Basque Government, and falls under the Ministry of Culture, in the Basque Country in Spain.

ETB1's programming is varied and generalist, which means that it is aimed at all audiences. From daily news programs to sports competitions, humor, children's and youth programs, as well as fiction series, the channel offers a wide range of content to meet the needs and interests of its audience.

One of ETB1's main attractions is its daily news programs, which keep viewers informed about the latest local, national and international news. These programs have a team of journalists and reporters committed to objectivity and news quality.

In addition to news programs, ETB1 also offers extensive coverage of regional, national and international sports competitions. Viewers can enjoy soccer, basketball, cycling and other popular sports, as well as follow the performance of Basque teams in different leagues and competitions.

As for humor, children and youth programs, ETB1 has programs that seek to entertain and amuse the whole family. From comedy sketches to contests and educational programs, these programs offer moments of laughter and fun for all viewers.

Of course, we cannot forget the fiction series that are part of ETB1's programming. Both national and international series have their space on the channel, offering exciting stories and captivating characters that keep the audience hooked.

ETB1 is a television channel that represents the Basque identity and culture, offering a varied and quality programming for all audiences. With its commitment to informative objectivity, sports coverage and entertainment, the channel has become a benchmark in the Basque Country and is highly appreciated by its audience.

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