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Kanal 7 Europe is one of the leading television channels in Turkey. Live broadcast Kanal 7 Europe appeals to a wide audience. This channel, which broadcasts in Turkish, gains the appreciation of viewers with its various programs such as news, series, movies and documentaries. Kanal 7 Europe offers viewers a pleasant television experience with its quality content and professional presentations.
Kanal 7 Europe is a television channel among the most watched national channels in Turkey. It broadcasts especially for Turks living in Europe. The channel was established in 2004 and started broadcasting under the name Kanal 7 Int. However, it was later renamed Kanal 7 Europe on November 9, 2009.

Kanal 7 was established on July 27, 1994 within the Yeni Dünya Media Group in order to broadcast on a national level. Its head office is located in Eyüp, Istanbul. The channel's editor-in-chief is Zahid Akman. Kanal 7 has a large audience in Turkey and features many different types of programs.

Kanal 7 Europe was established to meet the needs of the Turkish diaspora in Europe. Turks living in Europe prefer Kanal 7 Europe to access Turkish culture and news. In addition to its broadcasts in Turkey, the channel also offers programs specially produced for Turks living in Europe.

Kanal 7 Europe also draws attention with its live broadcasts. Viewers can follow the events taking place in Turkey instantly and maintain their ties with Turkey through live broadcasts. In addition, Kanal 7 Europe's live broadcasts allow Turks living in Europe to watch Turkish TV series and programs instantly.

Kanal 7 Europe is a television channel that attaches importance to Turkish culture and values. Its programs cover topics such as family, religious values, health and education. In addition, it provides up-to-date information by bringing the news in Turkey and the world to its viewers.

In conclusion, Kanal 7 Europe is a television channel that is one of the most watched national channels in Turkey and broadcasts specially for Turks living in Europe. With its live broadcasts and various programs, it provides its viewers with information and entertainment about Turkish culture.

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