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Watch ORTB live stream and enjoy your favorite television programs online. Stay connected with the latest news, entertainment, and more on ORTB TV channel.
ORTB National Television is a prominent Beninese general-interest public service television channel that has been entertaining audiences since its creation in 1978. As a part of the Benin Broadcasting and Television Office, it has become a go-to source of entertainment for the people of Benin.

One of the most exciting features of ORTB National Television is its live stream option, allowing viewers to watch television online. This modern approach to broadcasting has made it easier for audiences to access their favorite shows and stay connected with the latest happenings in Benin, even when they are on the go.

The channel's wide range of programs caters to various interests and preferences. While the majority of the content is entertainment-oriented, it also includes informative and educational shows to cater to a diverse audience. From captivating dramas to hilarious comedies, ORTB National Television ensures that there is something for everyone.

In its early years, from 1978 to 1982, ORTB National Television relied on the French National Institute of Audiovisual (INA) and the German distribution company Transtel for its programming. This collaboration allowed the channel to bring international content to its viewers and broaden their horizons.

However, ORTB National Television also takes pride in promoting national productions. Around 65% of the programs aired on the channel are locally produced, with a particular focus on long television news segments. This commitment to showcasing local talent and highlighting important news and events in Benin is commendable.

In addition to national productions, ORTB National Television also airs films and entertainment shows from TF1 programs. This is made possible through cooperation agreements that ensure a diverse range of content is available to viewers. By partnering with TF1, ORTB National Television can make up for any shortcomings in local programming and provide a rich and varied viewing experience.

ORTB National Television has successfully adapted to the digital age by offering a live stream option, enabling viewers to watch television online. This convenient feature has allowed the channel to reach a broader audience and stay relevant in an increasingly digital world.

In conclusion, ORTB National Television has been a key player in the Beninese television landscape since its establishment in 1978. With its focus on entertainment, national productions, and cooperation agreements with international broadcasters, it continues to captivate and engage viewers. The introduction of live streaming has further enhanced the accessibility of the channel, making it easier than ever to enjoy the diverse range of programs it offers.

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