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Watch TLT Molise live and enjoy your favorite programs from free online television. Find out the latest news, local events and more on the TLT Molise channel.
TLT Molise is a television channel that has been lighting up the Molise region, lower Abruzzo, northern Apulia, and some towns in Campania and Lazio. Since its founding, it has had its official headquarters in the town of Trignino, but it is in Campobasso that the main newsroom is located.

Initially known as Teletrigno, the channel took its name from the locality where it was based, located on the slopes of the Trigno River. Teletrigno has always been dedicated to providing detailed coverage of current events in the Molise and Abruzzo towns of the Trigno and the Adriatic. This particular focus has made the channel a point of reference for local citizens eager to stay up-to-date on events in their community.

Over the years, TLT Molise has expanded its geographic coverage, reaching not only Molise and lower Abruzzo, but also northern Apulia, some towns in Campania and Lazio. This expansion has enabled the channel to reach an increasingly large and diverse audience.

One of TLT Molise's strengths is its ability to offer varied and quality programming. With its main newsroom in Campobasso, the channel is able to provide accurate and timely news coverage of local events, guaranteeing viewers reliable and valuable information.

But TLT Molise does more than just broadcast news and current affairs programs. The channel also offers a wide range of entertainment content, ranging from culture to music, from sports to cooking. Thanks to its online presence, it is possible to watch live television for free, allowing anyone to access the channel's content anytime and from anywhere.

The ability to watch television online for free has made TLT Molise even more accessible, allowing an increasingly wide audience to enjoy its programs and services.

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