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Watch live coverage of the Südtirol TV channel and enjoy watching television online for free. Discover the latest news, programs and exclusive content on the Südtirol TV channel.
SÜDTIROL TV, the TV channel that has won the hearts of the people of the Trentino Südtirol region since its inception in 2007, has established itself as a major player in the local television scene. Thanks to its intense programming and high-frequency broadcasting, SÜDTIROL TV has become the most widespread and popular channel in the broadcasting area, achieving technical coverage of more than 80 percent of the entire population.

The key to SÜDTIROL TV's success lies both in the clear directives of the publisher, who has always focused on quality and objectivity of information, and in the competence and professionalism of its team of journalists and technicians. This has enabled the channel to offer varied and high-quality programming, ranging from local news to cultural events, from sports to current affairs.

One aspect that has contributed to SÜDTIROL TV's success is definitely the option of live broadcasting, which allows viewers to stay up to date with events in real time. Thanks to this option, the channel has become a reference point for anyone who wants to follow the salient events in the region, without having to wait for traditional TV news.

In addition, SÜDTIROL TV has been able to capture new audience trends by offering the option of watching television online for free. With this option, viewers can watch their favorite programs anytime and anywhere, using devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers. This flexibility has made the channel even more accessible and helped increase its viewership.

In addition to quality programming and the ability to watch live or online, SÜDTIROL TV also stands out for its focus on local issues and community involvement. The channel devotes ample space to promoting the traditions and culture of the Trentino Südtirol region, giving voice to events and initiatives that would otherwise risk remaining in the shadows.

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