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Cem TV is a television channel that serves its viewers with live TV streaming options. Cem TV attracts attention with its programs with religious content. Live broadcasts and special programs on the channel offer viewers a spiritual experience. By watching Cem TV live, you can get religious information and have a pleasant time in a spiritual atmosphere. You can reach Cem TV with the Live TV Watch option and enjoy broadcasts with religious content.
Cem TV is Turkey's first Alevi television channel. Founded on September 4, 2005 by the Cem Foundation, the channel started broadcasting under the leadership of Prof. Dr. İzzettin Doğan. Cem TV appeals to a wide audience with its culture and arts, documentaries, news, sports and discussion programs.

Among the most watched programs of the channel is the Main News Bulletin. This program, which is broadcast every day, informs viewers about the hot developments on the agenda. The main news bulletin starts at 18:30 and attracts the attention of viewers.

Cem TV also has many programs for sports fans. Interview programs on sports developments in the Turkish and world leagues offer viewers a wide range of sports content. These programs cover different sports branches such as football, basketball and volleyball.

Debate programs are part of Cem TV's broadcasting policy that is not limited to sports. The channel also includes political debates, allowing viewers to listen to different views. Through live broadcasts, viewers can actively participate in the discussions.

Cem TV was established to give a voice to the Alevi community and spread the Alevi culture. The channel's broadcasts focus on Alevi beliefs, traditions and values. In this way, Alevi culture meets a wide audience.

Cem TV fills an important gap in television broadcasting in Turkey and offers a different perspective. It provides an important platform for the Alevi community to make its voice heard and promote its culture. It also promotes social tolerance by contributing to the coexistence of different cultures and beliefs.

As a result, Cem TV is the first Alevi television channel in Turkey and appeals to a wide audience. The channel plays an important role in promoting the Alevi faith and culture by offering a variety of content including culture and arts, documentaries, news, sports and discussion programs.

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