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ShowTürk TV Live Stream

Show TÜRK is a channel that was first established in 1995 under the name Euro Show. Euro Show set out with the aim of reaching Turks living in Europe. However, it was closed on September 25, 1997, two years after its establishment. On September 29, 2005, it returned to broadcasting life under the name Show Türk.
Show Türk channel broadcasts programs and serials at the same time as Show TV broadcasting in Turkey. In this way, Turks living in Europe can follow Turkey's agenda and developments directly through Show Türk.
In addition to news programs; Show Türk's broadcast stream also includes food, entertainment and magazine programs. These programs meet the audience with live and tape broadcasts.
In addition to the programs, all the TV series in Show TV are presented to the audience at the same time. Thus, Turks living outside Turkey can watch new TV series at the same time as Turkish citizens.

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