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Entrevista a Isabel Coixet | LateXou con Marc Giró
Entrevista a Isabel Coixet | LateXou con Marc Giró

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Discover La 1 - RTVE, the leading TV channel that offers you the best live programming. Enjoy your favorite programs, current news and special events, all available to watch TV online for free. Do not miss a moment of entertainment with La 1 - RTVE!
The television channel La 1 is the first channel of Televisión Española (TVE), belonging to the public corporation Radiotelevisión Española (RTVE). Since its creation in 1956, La 1 has been a reference in Spanish television, offering a varied and quality programming for all audiences.

The programming of La 1 is characterized by being generalist, covering different genres and themes with the aim of reaching the largest possible number of viewers. From news programs to fiction series, contests and movies, La 1 offers a wide variety of content to satisfy the tastes of all types of audiences.

The most popular programs on La 1 are usually fiction series, which have managed to captivate millions of viewers over the years. From classics such as "Cuéntame cómo pasó" to more recent productions such as "Isabel" or "El Ministerio del Tiempo", the series on La 1 have left their mark on the history of Spanish television.

In addition to series, entertainment programs are also very successful on La 1. Contests such as "MasterChef" or programs such as "Viaje al centro de la tele" have managed to engage a wide audience, becoming true television phenomena.

Of course, cinema also occupies a prominent place in La 1's programming. The channel offers a selection of films from different genres and periods, from Spanish cinema classics to international blockbusters. Cinema on La 1 is a perfect option for those looking to enjoy a good movie from the comfort of their home.

It is important to note that a large part of La 1's schedule is made up of programs produced in-house, which demonstrates the channel's commitment to offering original and quality content. In addition, La 1 also has reference news programs, such as the news programs, which keep viewers informed about national and international current affairs.

In short, La 1 is a television channel with general programming for all audiences. With a varied offer that includes fiction series, entertainment programs, quiz shows and movies, La 1 has managed to remain one of the most popular and beloved channels by Spanish viewers. Its focus on current affairs and its commitment to offering quality content have been key to its success over the years.

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