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TV-21 - your live broadcast in the world of television! Watch TV online on our channel and enjoy your favorite programs and shows at any time!
TV-21 is one of the largest and most popular TV channels in the Murmansk region. It has a network partner - the federal TV channel STS, which guarantees high quality content and professional organization of work.

One of the main features of TV-21 is its wide audience coverage. The channel broadcasts in all cities and municipalities of the Murmansk Oblast, which makes it possible to cover 73 percent of the region's population with broadcasting. This makes TV-21 one of the most popular and demanded channels in the region.

However, it is not only on-air broadcasting that makes TV-21 so popular. The channel is also available in cable networks of cities and towns of the Murmansk region, as well as in the network of interactive television operator Rostelecom. Thanks to this, the coverage of the channel is more than 85% of the population of the Polar region. It is especially important to note that in the city of Murmansk the coverage is 100%, which makes TV-21 an integral part of life of Murmansk citizens.

TV-21 is not just a TV channel, it is a team of professionals who are trusted. The channel employs experienced editors who care about the quality and diversity of content. Thanks to this, viewers can enjoy live broadcasts of various events, be it sports competitions, concerts or political debates. Also, thanks to modern technology, viewers can watch TV online without missing any program of interest.

TV-21 is not just a channel, it is a window into the world of news, entertainment and interesting events. It unites people, giving them the opportunity to keep abreast of everything that is happening in the region and beyond.

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