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TV channel Khabar 24
Country:  Kazakhstan
Category: News
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28 қараша 2022 жыл - 23:00 жаңалықтар топтамасы
Елдегі көпбалалы аналардың үштен бірі Түркістан облысында тұрады
Казахстан и Россия по итогам форума заключили контракты на 23 млрд тенге
Павлодар облысында сүт-тауарлы ферма ашылды

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TV channel Khabar 24 Live Stream

The channel, which was broadcast for the first time since September 1, 2012 under the name "24 KZ", was changed to "Khabar 24" on September 1, 2016. Changing the name of the included channel "24 KZ" is one of the actions of the "Khabar" agency within the framework of renewal, and it is also a confirmation that the channel is a member of the agency's television family. For example, the tradition of consistency in the naming of BBC Corporation's BBC One, BBC Two, BBC World News, as well as VGTRK's Russia 24, Russia 1, and Russia channels is also followed by the world's largest media holdings.
The channel, which started the new season with a new name, has increased the number of quality expert programs, the share of programs in the reportage genre has increased, as well as projects on regional life have increased.
The channel's traditional headings include economy, sports, international and press reviews, special author reports and many other areas in more detail. The programs on the channel are 100% projects of domestic producers.

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