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TV38 is one of Turkey's leading live streaming platforms. By watching TV38, you can follow your favorite programs, series and news live. TV38 has a wide range of programs and pleases its viewers with its rich content in sports, entertainment, culture and many other categories. Watch live TV, you can follow TV38 from anywhere and watch the most up-to-date content without missing it. Experience quality and uninterrupted live broadcasting with TV38!
TV 38 is a digital television channel established on May 6, 2019 by 'Çağan Medya', one of the leading media organizations in Kayseri. Çağan Medya, which also includes Kanal 38, Kayseri's first local television channel, has focused on national broadcasts unlike local broadcasts with its new channel. The channel's broadcast list consists of news, health, world, sports, economy, education, health and regional programs.

TV 38 is a television channel with a large audience in Kayseri and neighboring provinces. Managed by Çağan Medya's experienced and professional team, the channel attracts attention with its quality and impartial broadcasts. The aim of the channel is to provide viewers with up-to-date and accurate information and to help them raise awareness on different issues.

The news programs in TV 38's broadcast list are prepared with great care to convey current events to viewers. News presented by journalists and reporters specialized in their fields are presented to viewers in an objective manner. Thanks to live broadcasts, viewers can follow and interact with the development of events in real time.

Health programs are one of TV 38's most striking broadcasts. Presented by specialist doctors and experienced health experts, the programs provide viewers with informative and useful content on healthy living. Thanks to live broadcasts, viewers can ask questions to experts and learn what they are curious about health issues.

World, sports, economy and education programs are other topics in TV 38's wide broadcast range. World programs offer news to viewers who follow national and international developments. Sports programs provide information about sporting events in Turkey and around the world, while economics programs provide viewers with information and advice on financial matters. Education programs offer viewers the opportunity to learn and develop.

In addition, TV 38's regional programs are also followed with great interest. These programs provide news, cultural events and informative content on local issues in Kayseri and neighboring provinces, and help viewers keep abreast of regional developments.

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