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Spas is a TV channel that offers live streaming and the ability to watch TV online. Enjoy exciting programs and shows in real time on Spas!
Spas TV channel is a Russian 24-hour public Orthodox TV channel that began broadcasting in Russia on July 28, 2005. The main owner of the channel is the Moscow Patriarchate.

The mission of the channel is to form a worldview and a system of moral coordinates necessary for the effective development of the state, based on native Orthodox values. The main goal of Spas is to develop and strengthen the spiritual and moral foundations of the Russian state.

The Spas TV channel positions itself as an active participant in strengthening the social activity of the Russian Orthodox Church and deepening its interaction with society. It seeks to be a platform for discussing topical issues related to religion, morality and spirituality, as well as promoting Orthodox values.

The channel offers a variety of programs, including live broadcasts of divine services, theological talks, documentaries, programs about events in the Orthodox world, as well as educational shows and films for children.

"Spas" also provides the opportunity to watch television online, which allows viewers to access the channel's content anytime and anywhere.

One of the features of the TV channel is its openness to all segments of the population and active interaction with society. "Spas" holds numerous campaigns and charity events aimed at helping those in need and supporting social and cultural initiatives.

The Spas TV channel has become a significant factor in modern Russian society, attracting the attention of a wide audience and influencing the formation of people's worldview. Its programs contribute to the dissemination of Orthodox values and help people find moral guidance in the modern world.

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