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DanceTelevision - Watch television online with our live TV stream for free. Enjoy the best dance music and live performances from all over the world. Don't miss a single moment of your favorite dance shows and parties wherever you are!
DanceTelevision (formerly known as DanceTrippin TV) is an audiovisual dance platform active on the web, apps, social media and television. The TV channel is owned by DanceTrippin BV, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and has assets in various locations in Western and Eastern Europe, Australia and Brazil. A popular destination for dance fans around the world, DanceTelevision offers a wide range of genre-focused content distributed to targeted dance audiences.

One of DanceTelevision's biggest advantages is the convenience of watching television online. With its availability on the Web, apps and social media, viewers can enjoy their favorite dance content whenever and wherever they want. Whether discovering new artists, following live performances or watching exclusive interviews, DanceTelevision offers an extensive library of dance-related content.

Another highlight of DanceTelevision is the ability to watch live TV streams for free. This allows viewers to enjoy performances, festivals and events from around the world in real-time. Whether you are at home or on the road, DanceTelevision ensures that you can experience the most exciting dance experiences wherever you are.

The platform is divided into several genre-focused content brands, including Algorhythm (tech house), House floor (house music), Deep Tech Minimal (minimal tech), Techno Warehouse (techno), Deep House District (deep house) and MainStage. Each brand offers a unique experience with specific music styles and artists, allowing viewers to enjoy their favorite genres and make discoveries within the world of dance music.

DanceTelevision is not only a platform for viewing dance content, but also a place where artists, DJs and producers can share and promote their work. It provides a platform for emerging talent to present themselves to a global audience and increase their fan base. This has made DanceTelevision an important part of the dance community, bringing together both established names and emerging talents.

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