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Country:  Egypt
Category: News
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محمد «كفيف» يحفظ القرآن بأرقام الآيات والسور والصفحات.. إبداع جديد
وزراء ومحافظون يقدمون واجب العزاء في رئيس الحكومة السابق شريف إسماعيل
محاكاة للسيطرة على حريق مجسم طائرة في مطار الغردقة بمشاركة 400 عامل
أقوى المرشحات باختبارات ذوي الهمم في حفظ القرآن: أسرتي سر نجاحي

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"El Watan News" is a comprehensive daily electronic portal issued by Al-Mustaqbal Company for Publishing, Distribution and Press, which is the publisher of Al-Watan daily printed newspaper.
Al-Watan Gate combines breaking news, political reports and analyzes, and articles by senior writers, along with services and entertainment, in order to satisfy its audience with its diverse interests in Egypt and the Arab world, and Arabic speakers around the world. In addition to news materials that are consistent with the principles of objectivity and journalism ethics, Al-Watan Gate relies on innovation and modern journalistic forms based on interaction and converting information into visually attractive materials, in addition to distinguished video journalism that goes beyond news clips, to convey live faces and images from within events. Al-Watan Gate is also keen to provide life services to readers, helping them to facilitate their personal lives, and to fulfill their various needs in the simplest and fastest way.

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