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Watch free online television on Standby TV, our live TV channel. Check out your favorite programs and enjoy free streaming 24/7.
Standby TV is the new all-music-oriented TV channel that is rapidly gaining popularity among quality music lovers. With a schedule that features 24 hours of music rotation, Standby TV aims to become the premier destination for those who wish to immerse themselves in the beauty of music without interruption.

What makes Standby TV unique is its total disengagement from the logic of the charts. Instead of following the trends of the moment, the channel favors the great classics of rock and pop genres. This choice allows viewers to enjoy timeless songs that have shaped music history and continue to captivate today's generations.

Standby TV offers a live viewing experience, thanks to the online streaming service. This means that users can watch TV online for free, wherever they are, without having to interrupt their daily routine. Whether it's a relaxing moment on the couch at home or a break at work, Standby TV is always just a click away.

Standby TV's goal is to create a community of music fans by offering them a channel dedicated exclusively to this genre. Thanks to its continuous programming, users can discover new songs, rediscover old hits, and immerse themselves in an unprecedented music experience.

Standby TV is particularly appreciated for its attention to audio and video quality. Every song is broadcast with impeccable audio quality, ensuring an immersive and crystal-clear sound experience. In addition, the broadcast images are sharp and high-definition, allowing viewers to fully enjoy every visual detail.

The channel caters to a European audience, reaching users across Europe through online streaming. This means that quality music lovers can access Standby TV wherever they are, with no geographical restrictions. It is a way to unite music fans from across the continent in one shared experience.

Standby TV is quickly establishing itself as the premier destination for quality music lovers.

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