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Category: Religious
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«МУДРОСТЬ родительства». Анонс
НАСТОЯЩЕЕ процветание! Применение ВЛАСТИ. Свобода и ЖИЗНЬ с избытком! «Иисус – Целитель!»
МОЛИТВА об укреплении веры, исцелении. ОСВОБОЖДЕНИЕ от болезней!
НЕБЕСНОЕ благоухание! Три стороны нового измерения. ПЕРЕМЕЩЕНИЕ в духе! «Это сверхъестественно!»

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"Television Without Violence" - service to people! In the modern world, the TV channel "TBN" is the answer to the needs of millions of people. Our mission is to help people find answers to the most important questions in their lives. 24 hours a day in 184 countries, our viewers, friends and partners can find on our channel everything they want to know about health, family, personal growth, finance, church, spirituality, recreation and many other areas of our lives. TBN is not only a healthy alternative to anxiety, stress and uncertainty, but also your personal friend and adviser in the most pressing issues!

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