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Watch DR2 live and watch TV online with Denmark's most popular public service channel. Access a wide range of programs, news and debates on DR2's platform.
DR2 is Denmark's community channel that aims to inform, entertain and create debate. The channel was first launched in 1996 and has since undergone a relaunch in 2013, where the focus was shifted to be more news-oriented and topical.

DR2 offers a wide range of programs spanning news, social reports, documentaries, global outlooks and political discussions. The channel delivers news every hour and gives viewers the opportunity to stay up to date on the latest events both in Denmark and internationally.

One of DR2's strengths is its ability to provide analysis, background information and documentaries. The channel strives to give viewers a deeper understanding of complex issues and challenges that shape our society. Through documentaries and reports, viewers are given the opportunity to get closer to reality and experience the world from different perspectives.

DR2 is also known for having some of the best hosts in Denmark. With their professional approach and ability to engage viewers, they manage to create an authentic and informative TV experience. The hosts help create a dynamic and engaging debate where different views and opinions can be heard.

The channel wants to be a community channel that encourages debate and exchange of opinions. This is not only to create different opinions, but also to create an understanding and respect for each other's views. DR2 wants to help promote a democratic dialog where everyone can participate and contribute to the public debate.

DR2 has an important role in informing and challenging viewers. The channel offers not only news and current affairs, but also fiction and satire. This helps to give viewers a broader understanding of the world and creates a platform where different genres and forms of expression can unfold.

All in all, DR2 is an important TV channel in Denmark, delivering news, current affairs and debate to viewers. With its focus on creating a community channel that promotes democracy and dialog, DR2 plays a crucial role in informing and engaging viewers on society's most important issues.

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