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CT art is a TV channel that focuses on artistic and sophisticated programmes. Its broadcasts are available live online, which means that viewers can watch TV online for free. CT art delivers a wide range of content that includes theatrical performances, concerts, documentaries and other artistic programs. With the ability to watch TV online for free, viewers can enjoy this quality TV from anywhere, anytime. Live streaming allows viewers to stay in touch with the arts scene and not miss any key event. CT art is a great source of inspiration for art and culture lovers, all free of charge and conveniently from their own device.

Czech TV channel CT art is a great choice for all culture lovers. Its programming offer focuses on selected cultural and artistic topics, which are accessible in regular programming blocks. The broadcast starts at 8:00 pm and continues until 6:00 am.

In the evening, the regular news bulletin begins on CT art, preceded by a news programme entitled ''Shops in Culture''. This programme is supplemented by live reports from various cultural events and journalistic talk shows focusing on cultural topics. It's a great way to stay up to date on what's happening in the world of culture.

The news and talk shows are followed by programme blocks dedicated to different cultural areas. These blocks include theatre performances, film screenings, literary programmes and documentaries. All of these blocks offer a rich selection of content to satisfy even the most demanding audiences.

CT art strives to deliver a variety of programmes that represent different key aspects of culture. The channel focuses on works of art that are often overlooked on mainstream television. This means that viewers have the opportunity to discover new art movements and talented artists who otherwise remain unknown to the wider public.

CT art also prides itself on the high quality of its content. Programme blocks are carefully selected and compiled to give viewers the best possible TV experience. The channel cooperates with renowned art institutions and experts to be able to offer the best cultural programming.

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