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Республика 07.12.2022 на русском языке. Вечерний выпуск
«Поверь в себя»: в Чебоксарах открылась тренировочная квартира для людей с ОВЗ
Открытие регионального этапа 31-х Международных образовательных рождественских чтений
Как СМИ Чувашии могут помочь в борьбе с коррупцией?

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NTRC Chuvashia Live Stream

Chuvash National Broadcasting Company – broadcasting company of the Chuvash Republic. Autonomous Institution "National Broadcasting Company of Chuvashia" was created in December 2011 by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Chuvash Republic.
Chuvash National Television – the first TV channel in the country, applied "without film" technologies production. The latest equipment provides video production at a high technical level. The mobile station allows you to broadcast important events in the life of the republic in the record and live.
Now the "Chuvash National Broadcasting" produced 27 original programs. Daily news program goes "Republic" in Russian and Chuvash language. Only for 2013 recorded more than 25 concerts and performances. This entire amount of work performed 29 employees television. A total of 75 people working in TV and Radio.
Founder – Ministry of Information and Mass Communications of the Chuvash Republic. The company includes: "Chuvash National Television", "Chuvash National Radio" and "Native Radio"
The need to create a country of national electronic media is ripe for a long time, but the lack of a smart official or political will not render the matter to the practical field.
The desire of the population of the republic and the Chuvash Diaspora in Russian Federation still be heard. In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Chuvash Republic of 11 December 2008 № 372 "On the establishment of an autonomous institution of the Chuvash Republic" Chuvash national radio of "Ministry of the Culture, Ethnic Affairs, Information Policy and Archives of the Chuvash Republic" was created Chuvash national radio, which began test broadcasts of 25 April 2009.

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